Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hawkeye Movers promotes art and music

As a furniture mover, we recognize some of the stages that individuals achieve in the collection of souvenirs throughout a life time.
We jokingly refer to a recent graduate as having nothing but a toothpick and a banjo. (At the moment i sort of wish i were that college student. I left Caxton's banjo at home during our family get together, and after breakfast a toothpick could really hit the spot.).......toothpick problem solved.
I snapped this picture in a beautiful home that I unloaded with James and Paulie. The house was beautiful in its architecture. i thought about the idea of a toothpick and a banjo. they obviously have two guitars for accompaniment. and the home which they moved into was nothing that a college student could afford. 

the floors were all diagonal in order to accentuate the turret. this home had obviously been built by a time of artisans who took great pride in their craft., 
you will see more pictures of the home in the website to come, and i hate to give away the beauty of the shots in my humble blog. the shipper was kind enough to allow me to snap some pictures for promotional purposes. 
i think that she appreciated that as an artist and a mover, i can take the same type of care in my job as i have started to do with my art.

When i first started as an artist, i didn't have much; except for passion and a desire to be famous. Similar to the music of Benjamin, front man for telemonster. 

I wouldn't say that we are a small family business. we aren't even a small family. eight kids who have continued to bring home their children has made for the longest Christmas ever in the Vanderhart family. and it is good to see everyone and hear of each others successes and failures, such as, telemonster has released their first full length cd, 

Aaron and Ben got a chance to collaborate on promotions when Ben casually mentioned the need for an online review. and Aaron jumped at the chance. suddenly plastered the walls of musical friends on facebook. and in the attempt to  support each others art form. Ben adapted the musical genius of his father, CEO of Hawkeye Movers, Chuck Vanderhart, who majored in music at Dordt college. 

The reason that Chuck started his business, Hawkeye Movers, was to provide a method for his eight children to pursue their college education. To show that there is more to life than just money. And as a result, all of his children have invested the money that we have made working at Hawkeye Movers, into our education; and subsequently into our passions.

And this attribute is carried on to our children. 
As Kaylin sits down to play the piano, simply because it is there, Diedrich breaks into song. 

and next thing you know. I've rambled about the beauty of life. and didn't mention my time spent working in Chicago for a custom art packaging mover. 
i haven't mentioned any of my art shows,
i haven't given specifics on the crates which we have constructed to transport art,

i just rambled on about beauty, family, and took a break in the middle of the blog to assist in our truck maintenance to ensure cost efficient transportation of our customers prized possession's.

perhaps this should be a spot to talk about mom's homemade cinnamon rolls?  I'm open to suggestions, as i promote the quality moving that we have offered without caring what the Internet thinks.

White carpet move in winter wonderland conditions

Your new home is an exciting new place. It is filled with potential before it ever is filled with furniture. And often times in New homes, the carpeting is white.
This is a difficulty that as professionals we handle with ease. We are always prepared with carpet protection.
Our rug runners have a rubber backing to reduce sliding on the floor. And as necessary we use cardboard and pads to keep our feet off the floor.
Prevention is the best policy in the protection of our most valuable asset. You as the customer.  It would be a waste of resources to soil the carpet. Your time is valuable, and we don't want to waste your time getting the floor cleaned.
This can be increasingly difficult when the snow and ice covers the ground. As professionals at Hawkeye Movers, we take pride in the service that we leave behind.
That service includes leaving the carpet as clean as it started.