Monday, December 24, 2012

Home with family in a new home.

My in-laws recently moved into a new home with the assistance of Hawkeye Movers. I guess when they reached a certain age, it isn't easy to recruit the help of friends to pay with beer and pizza.

I was happy to help. But they insisted on paying for the move. Of course we did the move at a discounted rate, but both sides of our family believe in quality service and the reward of a job well done.

They were happy with the move. A lifetime of collecting oddities wasn't easy to pack for them.
Blue glass, crystal dishes, paintings by renown artists, inlaid wood dresser, sofa custom built in France, and boxes and boxes of books. These are the souvenirs of an educated family that is rich in memory. All of these items required care in moving.

Of course the move went smoothly. I take pride in my work, and insist that my employees do the same. We strive to provide a stress free move with no damage each and every time.

Now it is Christmas time and as we gather around the tree and enjoy each others company, the new home creates a warmth that we welcome.  It doesn't have the  memories yet. But it does have the memoriabillia. And the most important element of family. United by a commonality of moving and movers.

We all agree that moving out of temporary housing of a second floor apartment, with items stored in locations across the country has a unification in the new home as a family.